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Entry #2

A little information on me.

2011-04-04 02:21:19 by lolSmileylol

First off, the biggest thing to inspire my type of music is the events that has transpired in me life good and bad. The artists I have listened to inspired and refined my lyrics, sound, and playing style. As of right now I'm looking for a new type of synthesizer because I am looking for either and electric feel or psychedelic feel. I currently want my sound to make people crack open that pipe and smoke a bowl, chill, relax, nap or just dream. A straight up downbeat/downtempo. As for my self as a person I am an athletic enthusiast, I current do parkour/gymnastics(pummel horse,uneven bars and floor)/freerunning . I constantly slack my shit when it comes to jobs,work, and school. I live by a saying "Born from a boombox." I freaking love video games, cartoons, House, screw The Simpsons that show needs to die in a shallow grave :D. I enjoy meeting new people, going to concerts, raves, and parties. I am an artist(when I want to be) and graff writer(no blackbook actual walls) and yeah that's it, idk what else to say. Want to know more hit me up and ask me about my facebook or steam or xbl or hell even ping.
The music I listen to is Indie(Right Away! Great Caption.), Electro (Tycho), Post-Rock(God Is an Astronaut), Emo(Rites Of Spring... NOT MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!), Trance(Infected Mushrooms), Punk (Crass), Country or Folk (Fleet Foxes/Johnny Cash), Alternative(The Dangerous Summer), Hip-Hop (Aim), Trip-Hop (Archive), etc. etc. I got over 10,000 different songs in my inventory so I could go all day.
Thats about it.


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